You have chosen a condominium community in which to own real estate, live, and call home. As most of you know, condominiums are a unique entity in terms of the nature of ownership–your ownership is principally within the walls of your individual unit. What is beyond the inside of your unit is governed by state statutes and regulations passed by your elected board of directors. This includes the entire property–parking lot, all outside areas of the buildings, back and front yards, porches–anything on the exterior of your unit.

The Camellia Gardens Condominium Association (CGCA) Board of Directors has been working diligently toward setting up and modifying the existing bylaws, rules and procedures that will determine how this new community will function. This is in accordance with state statutes governing condominiums and through bylaws that are formulated and passed by you, the owners. The rules and amendments that the Board recommends from time to time are based on feedback and requests from our neighbors and residents in the community.

The CGCA has been grappling with the complexities and practical aspects of how to run Camellia Gardens as a condominium community through these rules and regulations. Our goal, however, remains consistent throughout the process: to strike an equitable balance of individual rights and reasonable policies to improve the value and quality of life of our neighborhood.

It is our wish and commitment to all residents that rules be managed in a fair and consistent manner. It requires your understanding, participation, and support so that all policies that affect you and the community are ones that reflect the wishes of all who have chosen to live here. This process critically affects how Camellia Gardens will blossom into the dynamic and unique community we have all envisioned. Please take a moment to review the documents below so that you may become fully aware of your rights and responsibilities as a neighbor in our outstanding community.

Important Documents: